As of October 1, 2018, the price of the Aquasource Whole House System has increased to $1,950. The price of replacement filter cartridges remain unchanged. While this price increase is the result of circumstances outside of our control, the Aquasource still remains a tremendous value and an incredibly effective product for treating the presence of Chlorine, Chloramine, and limescale throughout the entire house’s water supply.

In addition, due to the pricing change for the Aquasource, any Aquasource sales starting from October 1, 2018 will be entitled to increased Multipure Cruise Vacation Contest points:

  • Personal Aquasource Sale: 30 points (up from 27)
  • 2nd Level Sale: 15 points (up from 12)
  • 3rd Level Sale: 7 points (up from 6)

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