The Multipure Spotlight for November 2019 is “What Are You Thankful For?” because, of course, this is the month of Thanksgiving.

At Multipure, we thankful that we are not only in a business that we love, but that it is a business that helps people. We are thankful that we can help people obtain the cleaner, better water they need for healthier lives, and we are thankful that we can help entrepreneurs earn an extra income by helping people. And, of course, we are thankful that we have been able to do this for almost fifty years now.

Think about everyone you know, and what they do for a living. Do they like their job? Do they love their job? Does their work improve their lives? Does their work improve the lives of others?

At Multipure, we love the business of cleaner water. We love that every product we manufacturer, that we assemble, that we market, and that we ship makes a difference towards the quality of someone’s water, their health, and their lives.

Nowadays, we live in a time where the quality of your drinking water simply cannot be guaranteed. Infrastructure is always in need of maintenance, upgrades, and improvement, and there is a constant threat of new and unforeseen threats to the quality and healthfulness of your drinking water.

So our mission and vision if improving people’s water, one glass at a time, means that children and families can avoid lead contamination, or industrial runoff, or pharmaceutical waste in their drinking water. It means that we are in a business that helps people – we, as in everyone here at Multipure HQ, every one of our Business Builders, and every Multipure customer that shares a glass of clean water with someone else. And ultimately, that is definitely something to be proud and thankful for.