People love a good bargain. People love to know that they saved money on their purchases, whether they’re furniture or electronics or appliances. But when it comes to the cleanliness and healthfulness of your drinking water, sometimes the bargain option is far from the best.

In Newark, New Jersey, they recently attempted to treat lead contamination in their drinking water through the purchase and distribution of first disposable plastic bottled water, and then later with inexpensive faucet-mount filters. Unfortunately, with a scant 70 grams of carbon filtration media and a rated capacity of 100 gallons, these faucet-mount filters quickly proved themselves inadequate to the task. Newark once again turned to disposable plastic bottled water as a stopgap solution.

And this is why your water deserves better than the bargain option, or the wasteful option, or the trendy option. You deserve cleaner, healthier water, but not  at the financial and environmental cost of disposable plastic bottled water. You deserve cleaner, healthier water, but you won’t get that from inexpensive-yet-ineffective filters. You deserve cleaner, healthier water, but not from filters that claim the world in benefits but have no third-party testing and verification to back up their claims.

Multipure is your better solution to cleaner, healthier drinking water. It offers industry-leading performance, third-party tested and certified by NSF International, at an average cost of $0.09 per gallon of filtered water, and in an environmentally-conscious manner. A typical Multipure filter contains a whopping 800 grams of carbon filtration media, with a rated filter capacity of 750 gallons!

Even better, from September 9, 2019 through December 31, 2019, Multipure is offering a Water Upgrade Rebate, in which customers can receive a $30 Rebate on the purchase of a new Multipure Drinking Water System when they trade in their old Faucet-Mount Filter! In many cases, this rebate is actually worth more than the original filter!

Your water deserves better. Multipure is here to ensure that happens.


You can learn more about our rebate by listening to our podcast.