Multipure’s mission is to help people, through cleaner water in the kitchen, in the bathroom, and around the house. Through cleaner water, we seek to foster healthier lifestyles, leading to improved wellness and happier lives. To understand how we work to accomplish this, you need to understand our products, and why they are necessary for every household.

Understanding Multipure Drinking Water Systems

Multipure’s drinking water systems are your best defense for your home and family’s drinking water. Although municipal water treatment methods generally make tap water safe for consumers, unforeseen disasters, infrastructure breakdown, or contamination factors between treatment plants and your home make the additional protection of a Multipure system a smart choice.

Multipure systems improve your water in several ways:

  • Better taste and smell by treating aesthetic contaminants like chlorine or particulates
  • Protection against a wide variety of potentially harmful contaminants like lead, trihalomethanes, or PFOA/PFOS
  • Providing cleaner, healthier water not just for drinking, but for washing and preparing foods, and for cooking

Multipure has four main drinking water systems. While each shares broad base capabilities, they also provide their own specialty for consumers. All our drinking water systems are NSF-certified for NSF 42 (Aesthetic Effects), NSF 53 (Health Effects), and NSF 401 (Emerging Compounds/Incidental Contaminants).

  • Aquamini: The most compact of Multipure’s systems. A great system for travel use, as its size makes it highly portable for packing in luggage, and its stainless steel body gives it good durability.
  • Aquaversa: The system with the highest capacity, at 750 gallons per filter. It is larger than the Aquamini, but smaller than the Aquaperform and Aqualuxe.
  • Aquaperform: The largest all-stainless-steel Multipure system, it adds additional filtration capabilities beyond the Aquamini and Aquaversa. The Aquaperform has additional NSF-certifications under NSF 53 for the treatment of arsenic V, PFOA/PFOS (aka, “forever chemicals”), and microcystin.
  • Aqualuxe: An NSF-certified water purifier, it does everything that the Aquaperform can, with the addition of bacteria, virus, and live cyst water purification, NSF-certified under NSF P231. The Aqualuxe also features a durable plastic housing around its stainless-steel internal pressure vessel, as well as technological features and enhancements beyond the other systems. The Aqualuxe has a built-in capacity monitor, leak detector, and Wi-Fi connection, as well as a design that allows for very quick and convenient filter changes and plumbing connections.

Multipure filter cartridges

Regardless of the differences in the models, they are all based on Multipure’s industry-leading solid carbon block filters, whose material formulation and design allow for comprehensive, broad-range contaminant treatment, filtering water contaminants as small as 0.5 microns in size. Each carbon block filter uses a combination of mechanical filtration, physical adsorption, and chemical adsorption to ensure that your drinking water is as contaminant-free as possible.

Because each of our systems undergoes rigorous certification by NSF International – a leading global independent testing and certification company, our product performance claims are guaranteed to be accurate. This is an important reason why Multipure’s drinking water systems are superior to competitors’ systems, because our product performance has been independently tested and verified, and those results are available for consumers to view. While other companies may claim to have tested their systems’ performance, it is crucial to understand that testing is not the same as true, third-party certification.

Understanding Multipure Home Essentials

Multipure’s Home Essentials line of products is designed to complement your Multipure drinking water system, offering water treatment options beyond the kitchen sink. All of them are designed to reduce the presence of chlorine in your water, minimizing the potentially negative effects chlorine can have on skin, hair, plants, and pets.

With the exception of the Aquagrow, our Home Essentials feature replaceable filters for long-lasting use. The Home Essentials line of products include the following:

Aquasource Whole House System

  • Aquasource: A whole-house water filtration system, the Aquasource uses an array of three carbon block filters to treat the presence of chlorine or chloramine in all the water entering the house without significantly impacting the water flow rate at your faucets. The different filter options available to the Aquasource allows you to customize water treatment for your specific household needs:
    • Chlorine reduction
    • Chlorine reduction plus a limescale inhibitor
    • Chloramine reduction
    • Chloramine reduction plus a limescale inhibitor
  • Aquashower: Using proprietary KDF filtration media, the Aquashower reduces the presence of chlorine in your shower, protecting sensitive skin and color-treated hair from the damage of chlorine exposure. The use of KDF instead of carbon allows the Aquashower to filter water at the high temperatures encountered in the shower.
  • Aquasplash: The bath counterpart to the Aquashower, the Aquasplash is a bath ball filter that simply needs to be swirled through bath water for half a minute, reducing the presence of chlorine in your bath water.
  • Aquagrow: This yard and garden filter connects in-line with your existing garden hose, reducing the presence of chlorine in the water used for your plants, your garden, your kiddie pool, your pets, and more.

Multipure’s Home Essentials are an important complement to drinking water filtration because many people do not consider water treatment outside of drinking water. Filtering the water you use to drink, to prepare food, and to cook with is important, but ensuring that the water you shower with, or that you bathe your children or pets with, or you water your garden with, is just as important.

Understanding Common Water Contaminants

The whole reason behind Multipure and our products is to protect homes and families from the dangers of water contamination. Understanding what our products can do is important, but equally as important is understanding why our products are a necessity. And that comes down to knowing why certain contaminants are dangerous.

Microscopic Plastic, Cyanotoxins, Wastewater Treatment, desalination

Some of the more common or more concerning water contaminants and their effects include:

  • Lead, mercury, or other heavy metals: Known neurotoxins that can poison the blood, nervous system, and brain, often causing permanent effects in children.
  • Chlorine and chloramine: Commonly used municipal disinfectants, typically added to water to treat bacteria and other microbial contaminants. Unfortunately, they have been found to combine with organic matter in water to create disinfection byproducts, such as the carcinogenic trihalomethanes.
  • Arsenic: A naturally-occurring mineral used in industrial and agricultural processes, but toxic to humans. Acute arsenic poisoning can cause vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, and death. Long-term arsenic exposure is a known carcinogen, whose effects also include skin lesions, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.
  • Bacteria and viruses: Microbial organisms that can have a variety of ill effects upon ingestion, but most commonly causing gastrointestinal distress, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.
  • Microcystin: Created by algal blooms, these deadly cyanotoxins can cause gastrointestinal distress, as well as serious damage to the liver.
  • PFOA/PFOS: Perfluorooctanoic acid or perfluorooctane sulfonic acid are known as “forever chemicals” because they do not naturally degrade in the environment. Because they are used in the production of a wide variety of non-stick, stain-resistant, or fire-resistant substances, it is estimated virtually every water source in America is contaminated with these chemicals and their carcinogenic effects.

Multipure drinking water systems are an essential line of defense to protect your home and family’s water supply because they are NSF-certified to treat these, and many additional contaminants. A Multipure system doesn’t just make your water taste better – as is the case with filtered water pitchers – but protects you from drinking these harmful, sometimes deadly, contaminants. And because we offer several different drinking water system options, customers have the option of selecting the system they need to fit their specific concerns or needs. For example, those most concerned with arsenic contamination may want the Aquaperform, while those concerned with viral contamination would be best served with an Aqualuxe. Our systems’ performance has been tested and proven, so the key is to find the right one for each specific household.

Ultimately, with Multipure products in the home, you are assured of clean, safe, high quality water for the family. For Life. For You.