Most municipalities throughout the United States add chlorine to the water supply to treat the presence of germs and general microbial contaminants in the water.

While this is considered a great benefit for general water safety, chlorine also has the side effect of changing the taste and odor of the water that you drink.

What many people do not consider is that chlorine also affects the feel and healthfulness of the water in your shower. While something like the taste of water is not a particular concern in the shower, the presence of chlorine in shower water can dry out skin, fade colored hair, exacerbate existing skin conditions, and otherwise make your shower less healthy than it should be. Yes, chlorine can make tap water safer by treating the presence of microbial contaminants, but note that chlorine is also the primary cleansing agent in laundry bleach.

Fortunately, Multipure’s Home Essentials product line has a solution to this problem, with our Aquashower shower dechlorinator. Designed specifically to reduce the presence of chlorine in shower water, the Aquashower uses KDF as its filtration medium instead of granular activated carbon or a solid carbon block. This means that it is able to reduce over 90% of chlorine from the high water pressure of a shower, and particularly at the high temperatures involved in shower water. This is noteworthy because a main weakness of activated carbon filters is that their performance suffers at high temperatures. This makes KDF, not carbon, the ideal medium for a shower-based water treatment device.

Multipure Aquashower shower dechlorinator.

The resultant water stream after dechlorination by an Aquashower not only feels better on your hair and skin, but is also healthier for you, because it is no longer suffused with chlorine that can strip oils from skin and hair, leach out hair coloring, and exacerbate skin conditions.

So while it’s important that everyone get cleaner, healthier water at their kitchen sink, it’s equally important to get cleaner, healthier water in your shower.

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