With the current concerns regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, I want to express my gratitude for all of the continued support our customers and Builders have given to Multipure. I am so grateful that you have decided to be a part of Multipure, and that you are helping to share Multipure with your families, friends, and neighbors, not only spreading the importance of clean water, but also protecting people’s water and health.

It is during emergencies like this that our product is most beneficial. When I watch TV coverage of thousands of people emptying store shelves of bottled water, I realize just how important it is to help people understand that there is a better way to water with Multipure. Those disposable plastic bottles will add to environmental pollution when they are used up, and the money wasted in buying bottled water could be better spent on other necessities, like non-perishable food, sanitation supplies, and yes, even toilet paper. When it comes down to it, buying bottled water seems crazy when you can get better water, for less money, and with greater convenience through Multipure. You should be very proud that you are helping thousands of people understand this.

Remember, your customers benefit from an unlimited supply of cleaner, healthier water not just during this crisis, but for crises yet to come. And for everyday life, your customers benefit from the protection that Multipure provides for their water – not just for drinking, but also for preparing and cooking food.

In addition to the health benefits of Multipure, the Multipure opportunity also creates a way for people to earn the extra income that may desperately be needed during this time of uncertainty, whether it lasts for weeks, months, or years. Everyone can benefit from owning a Multipure system, and everyone can use some extra income. All you need to do is continue to spread the word of better water and better lives through Multipure.

Here at Multipure, we are still operating, so that we can provide you with the vital products and services you need at this time. However, we are making some modifications in our day-to-day routine. Precautions are being taken to help employees maintain safe distances from each other; robust cleaning and sanitizing procedures have been implemented throughout the building; some employees are working remotely from home; and our facilities have been closed to everyone except staff. We are taking these steps to protect our staff so they can stay healthy while also providing you with the world-class service you’ve come to expect from Multipure.

You are providing a tremendous health, economic, and environmental benefit to all of your customers. You are providing an invaluable service during this crisis, and I am very proud of your dedication and work. So continue to spread the word about the benefits of owning a Multipure system and becoming a Multipure Builder, and most of all, stay safe and healthy.



Alvin Rice
Co-Founder and CEO