In times of crisis, such as floods, waste spills, and other disasters, one of the most common responses among the public is to find and obtain a stable supply of clean water, because water is a necessity. At this time, the current crisis is the coronavirus pandemic, and unfortunately, one of the biggest initial responses by the public is to buy and hoard bulky, expensive bottled water.

Multipure offers the best solution to clean drinking water:

  • Certified to reduce the widest range of contaminants.
  • More affordable than bottled water – just $0.19 a day.
  • Cleaner water for cooking, washing fruits and vegetables, and making coffee and tea.

With filters rated to last a family of four for a year – one Multipure filter is equal to roughly 5,000 bottles of water – you don’t have to worry about running out of a clean water supply and having to run to the store and hope they’re not sold out of bottled water. You want clean, healthy water? Simply go to your sink with the peace of mind brought to you by your Multipure system.

In other news, this month’s Multipure Spotlight is “Harmful Contaminants in Drinking Water.” This is the reason Multipure exists; cleaner, healthier drinking water has been Multipure’s mission since it was founded, and as we celebrate Multipure’s Golden Anniversary, our mission is more important than ever.

Water contamination is an ever-present concern. Whether through increased awareness or through new testing, the fact is that drinking water supplies across the country are contaminated. Lead, asbestos, pesticides, industrial chemicals like PFOA and PFAS, and the ever-present microplastics, can be increasingly found in drinking water. New contaminants continue to be discovered, and unfortunately, you cannot rely on municipal water treatment to keep your drinking water safe.

So I would like you to make sure to check out our Multipure Spotlight articles and our social media posts this month to refresh your knowledge on harmful contaminants in drinking water. Learn about their causes, their effects, and what you can do to protect your water. Understand how Multipure has been helping people get the healthier water they need for themselves and their families for fifty years. Most importantly, spread this knowledge to others.

Clean, healthy drinking water is a necessity. Help people learn about contaminants and water filtration, and help people Taste the Difference of Multipure.

Dedicated to Your Success,


Kenton Jones

Vice President of Marketing