Multipure Means Earning Money by Helping Others

Multipure Means Earning Money by Helping Others

Posted by Joel Pelina on Apr 22nd 2022

How often in life do we have an opportunity to truly make a difference in the lives of others?

Multipure Builders earn money by sharing Multipure’s exceptional products with customers: Drinking Water Systems, Bath & Garden products, and replacement filters. When customers make a purchase, Builders earn direct commissions from these sales. Builders can expand their business by recruiting prospective Builders into their business network, leveraging the expanded reach to earn additional income from their downline network’s sales. Although some consider this simply a matter of sales and network expansion, what many Builders realize, and what many prospective Builders need to understand, is that earning money through Multipure means earning money by helping others.

Multipure Products Promote Health

Builders aren’t in the business of selling luxuries or trinkets; they are in the business of selling products essential to healthier homes and families.

One of the most common pieces of health advice anyone hears is to “drink more water.” This is because proper hydration is crucial to practically all aspects of the human body’s operation. The average body consists of over 60% water, and hydration affects metabolism, digestion, concentration, and energy levels. Hydration levels regulate body temperature, blood pressure, and waste elimination. When the body is not properly hydrated, you feel tired and weaker, and are more prone to headaches and illness.

Multipure Builders Promote Better Hydration

In effect, when Builders sell Multipure drinking water systems to customers, they are selling health improvement devices, because cleaner, healthier water promotes increased hydration. Increased hydration promotes better health.

What makes more sense? Telling people to go out and buy giant cases of bottled water every week to improve their health, or buying a Multipure system and having better water for a year?

What makes more sense? Telling people to crack open bottles of water to wash their fruits and vegetables, to fill their pots of boiling water, and to make their coffee or tea; or, instead, using the filtered water spout right at their kitchen sink to clean and prepare their foods, cook their foods, and make their drinks? Better water and healthier hydration comes not just from drinking water, but also from the foods we eat.

Multipure Builders Promote Better Hygiene

Multipure’s Bath & Garden products promote improved hygiene; by reducing the harmful effects of chlorine in the shower and bath, a Multipure Aquashower or Aquasplash promote healthier skin and hair.

Chlorine is the most commonly used disinfectant by municipalities across the country. While useful in treating tap water for bacteria, viruses, and parasites, it also affects the taste and odor of the water, and, in the shower and bath, can strip essential oils from skin and hair, exacerbate skin conditions, and cause color-treated hair to dry and fade.

By selling Multipure’s Bath & Garden products, Builders earn money by promoting improved cleanliness and hygiene.

Multipure Builders Improve People’s Homes and Lives

All of this emphasizes that Multipure Builders are in the business of improving people’s health, home, and lives. Every time a Builder earns a commission on a drinking water system sale, they’re contributing to healthier water, better hydration, and better health for their customer. Every time a Builder earns from a Bath & Garden product, they’re contributing to cleaner, softer, healthier skin and hair. Every time a Builder earns from a Multipure replacement filter, they’re ensuring another year of healthier water for that customer. Multipure Builders earn money by selling products, but what they’re really doing is earning money by helping others. And because it’s from Multipure, those products are For Life. For You.