Earning Money by Sharing Your Knowledge

Earning Money by Sharing Your Knowledge

Posted by Joel Pelina on Apr 29th 2022

Multipure Builders earn money by helping others. Every time a Builder sells a drinking water system, they are improving the drinking water quality and the health of their customer. Every time a Builder sells a Multipure Bath & Garden product, they are improving the quality of the customer’s shower, bath, and garden water. Every time a Builder promotes a Multipure filter as a better solution over bottled water, they are promoting healthier drinking and a cleaner environment. All of this stems from the way Multipure Builders earn money by sharing their knowledge. Many people are often hesitant to register as Builders and share Multipure’s products because they are concerned with approaching family and friends and coming off as a “slick salesperson.” Others are worried that they don’t know enough about the technology, or water contamination issues, or product details. But, selling Multipure products is not about tricking the prospect into buying something they don’t need, but instead about sharing your thoughts and educating them into buying something that is immediately useful and can last a lifetime.

One could say that Multipure Builders don’t “sell,” they “share.” They share their personal experiences with Multipure’s products, and how their hydration habits changed for the better due to Multipure. They share their reasons for purchasing and using a Multipure for their home and family. They share their knowledge about drinking water contamination, drinking water filtration, and the importance of hydration. They share to help educate their prospect on how their lives can benefit not just from drinking more water, but from drinking the right water.

Builders should think of themselves less as salespeople, and more as educators and brand ambassadors. What do Builders talk about when they discuss Multipure with prospects, whether one-on-one or in groups? They educate people about the benefits of drinking enough water. They educate those they care about on the potential hazards posed by drinking water contaminants. They educate customers about the high cost of disposable bottled water and its unsustainability as a clean water solution. And they educate them about the health benefits of Multipure filtered water and the economic benefits versus alternative drinking water solutions.

Because Multipure Builders are part of a network of other Builders, their knowledge grows as it is shared and passed along between Builders and from established Builders to new Builders and prospects. Builders reinforce each other by sharing their knowledge, whether related to business, to hydration, to science and technology, and more. Builders can earn more as they learn more, as the greater their knowledge base, the more able they are to answer customers’ and prospects’ questions, and the more likely they are to help people realize the importance of hydration and cleaner, healthier filtered water through Multipure.

Let’s do a brief thought experiment. Let’s take three different Multipure Builders, and compare their approaches to presenting Multipure’s products and opportunities to the same customer.

  • Builder A deeply cares about the environment, and wants to help people find a better option than disposable plastic bottled water. They understand how damaging discarded plastic can be on the environment, considering it takes hundreds of years for plastic to degrade, and they know that plastic causes indirect environmental harm through the reliance on oil for manufacture and distribution. They also know that bottled water is often not much different than ordinary tap water. When they see a friend or family member drinking from a disposable plastic bottle of water, they use that as an opportunity to ask if they’ve always use plastic bottles for their water, and why. How often do they have to go to the store and buy more water? Do they use that water to wash foods and cook with? Have they considered more effective, more convenient, and more environmentally friendly options for their water? Every person Builder A sees drinking bottled water is someone they can have a discussion with.

  • Builder B loves to educate themselves, and loves the details behind their product choices. They have read numerous articles from both Multipure and other sources about drinking water issues, contamination, filtration, and product benefits and comparisons. They talk to a potential customer by first asking about their drinking water habits: how often do they drink water? Do they feel like they’re drinking enough water? What do they use for their family’s drinking water – tap, bottled, or something else? Builder B gently segues into general information about the benefits of proper hydration, and how most people simply don’t drink enough water. They then talk about the various drinking water options out there, and educate the customer on the differences in cost, water quality, and convenience among the options. They provide both data and calculations to show why Multipure is not only a healthier option for drinking water, but also why it is a more cost-effective option to drinking water. They help the customer determine the best system and option to fit their needs, and then show how the cost is mitigated both through discounts up front and in long-term savings.
  • Builder C is a Multipure customer who loves their drinking water system and loves how much better the water has been for themselves and their family. They make sure to use Multipure filtered water when they serve coffee, tea, and ice water to their friends, and whenever a friend or relative comments about the quality of their water, they make sure to let them know why and how their water tastes so clean and refreshing. In fact, they’ve been registered as a Builder for some time, simply because they don’t mind earning extra money when their recommendations on Multipure water end up with a Multipure purchase by their friends and relatives. They are happy to share with others their own experiences with their Multipure products and their reasons for using Multipure throughout their house.

Given these options, which Builder do you think would be more likely to convince a potential customer to make a purchase? Which one would the customer be more likely to turn to for help, whether to purchase a product or to become a Builder? Which Builder would the customer refer other people to who are interested in cleaner water? Which Builder is more likely to create a strong relationship of trust and experience when it comes to clean water concerns?

The answer is: any and all of them. There is no one type of Multipure Builder. Every Builder has their own unique perspective on cleaner water, better health, and Multipure. By sharing their personal knowledge and experience, Builders can create a much stronger, long-term relationship with prospective customers and Builders. Each Builder can – and should – develop their own approach to the business, but the most successful Builders tend to be those who focus less on pure selling, and more on sharing.

A successful Builder is someone who understands their own reasons for using a Multipure system and becoming a Builder, and is willing to share their knowledge and perspective with others. Some Builders find success by focusing on their environmental concerns and the need for a more responsible way to get cleaner water. Some Builders find success by becoming trusted authorities on their products and on the subjects of water filtration and healthy hydration. Some Builders find success by sharing their personal reasons and story. And when successful Builders find that they need help, they know that they use Multipure’s many training resources to fill in any gaps in their knowledge, or contact Multipure’s office to talk to someone. Ultimately, a successful Builder embraces the fact that they can earn money by sharing with others, because happy customers will pass that knowledge and experience onward, helping others improve their water, health, and lives through Multipure. For Life. For You.