Improving Your Multipure Business

Improving Your Multipure Business

Posted by Joel Pelina on Jan 28th 2022

While many new year’s goals tend to focus on personal health and fitness, part of improving yourself and getting a strong, fresh start to the year should focus on improving your business. Improving your Multipure business can not only offer you greater financial rewards, but can also help you develop a more robust, more long-lasting source of income, as well as a greater sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.

At its most basic, a Multipure Builder Business is about selling Multipure’s water filtration products to customers. This is often accomplished by sharing one’s knowledge and experience on water contamination, water filtration, and product performance, whether in-person, over the phone, or online. But, one of the most effective ways to improve your business is simply to make sure that you are always PAR-qualified. This means that you need to make sure to sell at least $180 in commissionable net value (CNV) of Multipure products every four months – a feat as simple as selling one Aquamini every four months.

Quick Sales Tip: Register for your unique Builder Discount Code to offer your customers a 5% discount when they place an order through our website and input your code at checkout. You give your customer a greater incentive to buy, and, because your code is linked to your Builder ID, this also ensures that you receive the proper commission for the purchase.

Once you become PAR-qualified, it opens up your earnings potential to a host of additional opportunities. You become eligible for commissions on your downline network’s product sales. You become eligible for commissions on your downline network’s replacement filter sales. You become eligible for the CASH program (Computer Allocated Sales Handler), which automatically offers commissions to Builders from sales made directly through Multipure without a selling Builder. And you become eligible for Monthly Bonuses.

It is through these Monthly Bonuses that you can quickly enhance both your personal and network sales commissions. Monthly Bonuses are based on your Monthly Achievement Level Volume (MALV) requirement, a monthly sales goal based on your current Achievement Level. When you hit your MALV target, you open up your earnings to additional commissions on replacement filter sales, downline network commissions, downline replacement filter commissions, and more. Because of this, you should set a monthly goal equal to or greater than your current MALV target. For example, a Master Builder needs $1,400 in MALV to become eligible for monthly bonuses; therefore, to improve your business, you should set a monthly MALV goal of at least $1,400. It is important to note that MALV is determined by 100% of your own sales, plus 50% of your 2 nd-level’s sales, plus 25% of your 3rd-level’s sales.

This ties into the third way to improve your business: expanding your downline network. Your Achievement Level Volume (ALV) plays a large part in determining your current Achievement Level, or Rank. As you rise in rank, you earn higher commissions on your personal and network sales and bonuses. And because both ALV and MALV are determined not only by your personal sales, but also the sales of your 2 nd- and 3rd-level downline Builders, it is advantageous to expand and develop a strong downline network. Recruiting new prospects into your network of Builders becomes a virtuous cycle: expanding your network can increase your downline commissions and ALV/MALV, which can increase your rank, which can increases your commission, which increases your ALV/MALV, and so on. While not every Builder pursues the creation of a strong downline network, it nevertheless remains a powerful method to increase your earnings and improve your business overall.

Finally, one of the long-term methods to improve your business is to maximize your residual income. The way Multipure’s compensation plan works is that every time you sell a Multipure drinking water system or home and garden product to a new customer, they are allocated in the system as your customer. This means that whenever that customer purchases a genuine Multipure replacement filter directly from Multipure or from any other Multipure Builder, the commission from that replacement filter purchase goes to you, since they are registered as your customer. In effect, you earn commissions regardless of your involvement in the replacement filter sales, as long as you remain a Multipure Builder (Senior Builder or above).

The best way to ensure that your customers change their filters each year is to register them with Multipure’s Automatic Filter Reorder Program (aka, “Autoship”). When a customer registers for Autoship, they not only receive a 15% discount on their replacement filter cost, but they are automatically charged and shipped out a replacement filter for their Multipure product, every six to twelve months (the customer can select the shipment interval). This not only ensures that the customer’s product continues to give them the cleanest, healthiest water for their needs, but also protects the lifetime warranty on their Multipure drinking water system. And even if the customer does not wish to register for Autoship, you can still offer them Multipure’s Filter Reminder Service to let them know when it is time for them to purchase and replace the filter in their product. Helping your customers maintain their Multipure products protects the quality of their water while also ensuring a stream of residual income for yourself.

As a Multipure Builder, you should always be looking for ways to improve your business, and you should always set goals to motivate you to improve your business. Through these suggestions and recommendations, you should be able to help improve your business not just for yourself, but also for your network and for any future prospective Builders you recruit.