A Message from Our Co-Founder: January 2022

A Message from Our Co-Founder: January 2022

Posted by Alvin Rice on Jan 12th 2022

I hope everyone had a great, happy, and safe holiday season. We at Multipure look forward to a much better 2022, and hope that people are taking the right precautions to deal with the continued impact of COVID on our work, our families, and our communities. We look forward to the day that everyone will be able to once again travel and gather with friends and loved ones without the restrictions placed on us because of COVID.

As Multipure enters our 52nd year, I have found that a lot has changed since 1970. The most important of these changes include knowledge of the importance of safer, better-tasting drinking water; public awareness of the many contaminants that are found in our drinking water that can have an adverse effect on our health; and understanding that chlorine itself – the very substance meant to protect your water and health – can have adverse effects due to the cancer-causing substances that are byproducts of chlorine use.

The public has lost trust in the quality of tap water, and continues to look for a better, healthier source of drinking water. Millions of people turn to bottled water for an alternative to tap water. In 1970, bottled water was a billion dollar industry, and it has only grown since then. 

The main driving force that led my brother and me to start Multipure was to offer the public a better drinking water solution than bottled water. We referred to Multipure as the modern replacement to bottled water, because Multipure was better, more convenient, and less expensive than bottled water. Multipure remains so to this day.

I recently read an article in “Investor’s Journal” that reinforced the importance of Multipure as the solution to bottled water. More people than ever are purchasing bottled water; in fact, the bottled water industry is expected to grow to a 22-billion dollar industry by the end of 2024. Bottled water sales are expected to exceed soft drink and sugary beverage sales and, as a result, the soft drink industry is investing heavily in the bottled water industry.

All this means is greater opportunity for Multipure Builders. While bottled water may seem to be an inexpensive solution to tap water, at its lowest price it is about 12 cents for a 17oz bottle (the most common size purchased), but can climb to over $1.50 for a 17oz bottle. That comes out to 90 cents per gallon to over $11 per gallon, compared to as little as 12 cents per gallon for water from a Multipure drinking water system.

Then consider that, based on research conducted by the National Resources Defense Council, some bottled water may include “arsenic, carcinogenic components from the plastic bottles, and coliform bacteria.” In addition, research found that 93% of bottled water contains plastic fibers. It is estimated that approximately 40% of all bottled water is tap water that has not been treated at all. Why buy bottled water, when you can have the most effective drinking water system right in your own home, with delicious, great-tasting, healthy drinking water at your fingertips?

Multipure continues to be the best alternative to tap water. Multipure continues to offer better quality, greater convenience, and less cost than bottled water. Why lug around heavy, expensive bottles of water when you can have Multipure? Multipure continues to be the modern replacement to bottled water. We continue to educate the public that Multipure is the best solution to water pollution.

There is enormous opportunity ahead for years to come. Take advantage of this opportunity and create an ongoing income for you and your family. All it takes is for you to share your knowledge and talk to people. Everyone drinks water, and everyone would prefer to have safe, delicious Multipure water. Your future is in your hands.

Talk to people!

Have a safe and healthy New Year.



Alvin Rice
Co-Founder and CEO