Multipure’s Pure Foundation understands that good health begins with clean drinking water. Our vision is to bring clean drinking water and better health to people without access to it, to help create a world of clean drinking water for people of all regions, backgrounds, and circumstances.  Continue Reading


Beginning July 1, 2014, Multipure’s Company Allocated Sales Handler (CASH) will allocate commissions from sales directly made through Multipure to the 1st-level in-turn Active Distributor ONLY. Upline or downline commissions are NOT allocated through the CASH program.Continue Reading


Multipure’s Distributor-led Motivational Monday calls are now available to listen to whenever you want! Beginning with calls from the last few months, Multipure will be archiving our Motivational Monday calls on our Purely Social Blog at https://www.multipure.com/purely-social/category/training-2/.Continue Reading


A new study sponsored by the Silent Spring Institute and Harvard School of Public Health was recently released, identifying 17 key chemical groups linked to breast cancer, including benzene and disinfection byproducts. Among the recommendations by the Silent Spring Institute is to use a Solid Carbon Block Filter to limit exposure from these contaminants in […]Continue Reading


Innovation. Inspiration. Intelligence. Multipure’s newest product marks the next generation of water filtration, bringing all the power and performance you expect from Multipure, refined and elevated to the next level. So prepare yourselves for the next evolution in water treatment. Coming this fall, at Multipure’s 2014 Pure Convention: H2O Now! To view our teaser video, […]Continue Reading


Beginning July 16, 2014, Multipure will be changing our policy regarding Distributor Resale Certificates. Although Distributors serve as a critical point-of-contact for consumers, from a legal perspective, Multipure is responsible for all sales tax. Because of this, all sales must include any and all relevant state and local sales taxes in the final price calculation, […]Continue Reading


Dear Valued Distributors, I have recently heard growing concerns regarding imitation carbon block filters that are “Multipure compatible”. As we all know, the water filtration industry is full of incredible potential. There have always been competing products on the market as well as “knock-offs” attempting to capitalize on Multipure’s superior products. However, with an increasing […]Continue Reading