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First, let me emphasize that in this current time of crisis, Multipure remains committed to helping all of our customers and Builders get the cleanest, healthiest water possible with Multipure drinking water systems and genuine Multipure filter cartridges. We hope that all of you are staying safe and healthy, and rest assured that Multipure is […]Continue Reading


Multipure’s May 2020 Spotlight is “Comparing Water Treatment Technologies,” so to start it off, we are going to take a look at two very common consumer water treatment products: Faucet-Mount Filters and Filtered Water Pitchers. Filtered water pitchers are arguably the most common and most basic of water treatment products, whose low price matches its […]Continue Reading


For this post, we are continuing our April 2020 Spotlight, “Multipure’s Aqualuxe: Cutting Edge Water Treatment” by discussing what really elevates the Aqualuxe above and beyond its drinking water filtration peers: NSF-certified treatment of bacteria and viruses in drinking water, in addition to NSF-certified treatment of the broadest array of aesthetic contaminants, health contaminants, and […]Continue Reading


Clean drinking water is a priority for most households, though it’s easy to take for granted. Most of us would rather drink a clear, refreshing glass of water than one with an odd color, cloudy sediment, or a strange taste or smell. Clean drinking water is essential for our gastrointestinal health, as well. The World […]Continue Reading


Multipure congratulates the following Builders for their achievement in building their business and advancing their rank. We applaud your efforts and wish you continued growth and success. In recognition of their advancement and as a sign of our esteem, each of these Builders will receive a Rank Advancement Bonus commensurate with their new level of […]Continue Reading


With the current concerns regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, I want to express my gratitude for all of the continued support our customers and Builders have given to Multipure. I am so grateful that you have decided to be a part of Multipure, and that you are helping to share Multipure with your families, friends, […]Continue Reading


Our April 2020 Spotlight is “Multipure’s Aqualuxe: Cutting Edge Water Treatment,” and for this article we are going to focus on PFAS – perfluoroalkyl substances. You may have also heard of PFOA – perfluorooctanoic acid, and PFOS – perfluorooctane sulfonate, both of which are part of the PFAS grouping of chemical compounds. PFAS as a […]Continue Reading


Most of us know of ammonia as a helpful household tool, used in cleaning solutions to get our homes sparkling clean. But what about ammonia in our water supply? We wouldn’t fill a glass of ammonia and drink it, so we probably don’t want it coming out of our kitchen faucets either. Is ammonia present […]Continue Reading


For this month’s March 2020 Spotlight, “Harmful Contaminants in Drinking Water,” we’ve covered How Contaminants Get in Your Drinking Water and How to Read the Water Quality Report. Now, we’re going to talk about Why Certification is Important. In a nutshell, certification provides an unbiased guarantee that something performs according to its claims. It is […]Continue Reading


As we continue our March 2020 Spotlight, “Harmful Contaminants in Drinking Water,” it is important to discuss how consumers can find out what contaminants are in their local drinking water. To that end, this article will cover How to Read the Water Quality Report. By law, every municipal water system in America is required to […]Continue Reading