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8 Ways To Prep For
A Water Emergency

Water storage is the top priority for emergency preparedness. When natural disasters strike, they can disrupt the flow of water to your home or result in water contamination.  

How To Get Rid
of Brain Fog

Many people experience brain fog at some point in their lives. While not a medical condition, it can be described as a lack of mental clarity.

Importance of Clean Water For Children

For children, healthful hydration is everything. Drinking clean water can promote better health.

Hydration, Hydration, Hydration

Summer may be over, and fall beginning, but hydration is important year-round for people of all ages.

Does Water Boost Your Immune System?

60% of the body is made of water, it makes sense that hydration plays a crucial role in supporting our immune system.  

5 Ways Water Improves Mental Health

Water plays a crucial role in our mental and emotional health. Keeping hydrated promotes better brain health.

8 Benefits Of A Whole-House Filtration System
A whole-house water filtration system can reduce chlorine, chloramine, dirt, and particulate matter for better quality water in your home. This system ensures safer water for bathing and household use . . . Read More

Why Take Cold Showers 
While a cold shower can wake you up and keep you alert throughout the day, there are many other proven benefits. From strengthening your immune system to boosting mental health, taking a dip in ice-co . . . Read More

Fun Water Based Halloween Drinks For Kids
Multipure water makes everything taste better! Be sure your children are hydrated this coming Halloween with these fun drinks, featuring Multipure water . . . Read More

Why You Should Drink More Water Before Bed 
We've all heard of the extensive health benefits of drinking water and staying hydrated, but is there a best time to consume water? While many of us devote our concentration to staying hydrated . . . Read More

The Connection Between Fracking & Contaminants
Hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, extracts oil, natural gas, water, or geothermal energy from underground to develop oil and natural gas. The process is effective but may impact drinking water qua . . . Read More

Lead Is A Continuing Issue For Drinking Water
The Flint, Michigan water crisis between 2014 and 2017 demonstrated the vulnerabilities and potential catastrophes inherent to municipal water systems. During this crisis, over 100,000 residents we . . . Read More

Builder Rank Advancement - August 2023
Congratulations to all of Multipure's Independent Builders who have advanced to a new level of rank achievement during the month of August 2023. Executive Builde . . . Read More

2023 National Award Winners 
Each year Multipure’s Executive Staff recognizes builders who have gone above and beyond in the areas of Network Building and Personal Sales. Our 2023 National Award winners are listed below. In . . . Read More