7 Facts You May Not Have Known About Multipure

7 Facts You May Not Have Known About Multipure

Posted by Joel Pelina on Jul 22nd 2022

For our customers and Builders, Multipure means great water filtration, better lives, and trusted performance. Multipure means cleaner, healthier water that comes with the assurance of robust NSF certifications. But there are plenty of little facts and details you may not have known about the history and business of Multipure and our products. Here are several of them that may pique your interest.

1. Multipure’s signature carbon block filter was created in 1974

Prior to 1974, Multipure founders, H. Allen and Alvin Rice, had used another company’s filter for their systems. When that company was no longer able to supply them, the Rice brothers tried to find a new supplier, but none of the filters they found were up to their standards. Instead of working with sub-par water filters, they decided to develop their own filter – one with better capabilities than anything commercially available at the time. This filter was their solid carbon block filter.

Multipure Co-Founder, Alvin Rice

2. Multipure’s first solid carbon block filters were created out of the founders’ homes

H. Allen and Alvin Rice hand-crafted their first solid carbon block filters in the sheds and garages of their homes, compressing and heating the activated carbon in their own ovens.

3. Multipure’s carbon block filters are tested and certified far beyond their stated capacity

Multipure’s filters are tested to double their stated capacity as part of the NSF certification process. This means that a filter tested and certified for 750 gallons can theoretically work at peak performance for up to 1500 gallons of filtration. Remember that next time you see a non-NSF-certified product claim capacity superiority over a Multipure filter!

4. Multipure is a family business

As mentioned earlier, Multipure was founded by brothers H. Allen and Alvin Rice. Today, Multipure is lead by Alvin Rice’s son and daughter-in-law, Zachary and Jennifer Rice. Who better to continue the Rice water business than someone who grew up learning about the business and working at the business for much of their life? Who better to lead than people who will take pride in growing and expanding the business not just for the sake of success, but because the business is a representation and extension of their family name?

Multipure President, Zachary Rice

5. Multipure uses an effective and renewable source of carbon

Activated carbon used in filters can come from several sources, including bituminous coal, wood, or nutshells. Coal-based carbon is relatively cheap and plentiful, but can contain pollutants that can leach into water, making it a poor choice for water filters. Wood-based carbon can be good for treating specific contaminants, but, while trees are a renewable resource, it takes years for trees to mature enough to be harvested for adequate supplies of carbon for filters, and the tree would then be consumed in the harvesting. Nutshells – particularly coconut shells – are the carbon of choice in Multipure’s filters, as they feature a significantly higher micropore volume than other types of carbon, do not add any pollutants into the water, are plentiful due to harvesting availability every few months, and are renewable in that the coconut trees remain preserved in the process.

6. Multipure prioritizes quality over quantity when it comes to manufacturing

Carbon block filters are typically created through either extrusion or compression molding. The quicker process – extrusion molding – involves taking carbon particles, binding agents, and other ingredients, and forcing them through a mold, then cutting them to size. Think of it like pushing Play-Doh through a shape mold. It can be fast, but the quality and consistency of the end product can vary quite a bit.

Multipure uses compression molding, in which the carbon, binding agents, and additional ingredients are heated and pressed together into shape. This is a slower process than extrusion molding, but the result is a more uniformly-molded carbon block that offers consistently high performance filtration; each finished carbon block will perform to the same high standard as the one before and after it in the production line. Essentially, Multipure carbon blocks are created with a priority of “quality” over “quantity.”

7. Multipure works continuously to improve, test, and certify our products to reflect evolving filtration needs

Because Multipure’s mission revolves around improving water and health, we are constantly working to address emerging concerns when it comes to drinking water contamination and filtration. When arsenic-V certification became available, Multipure made sure to create, test, and certify systems and filters for arsenic-V treatment. When emerging compounds and incidental contaminants (e.g., hormone supplements, heart medications, bug repellents, etc.) became a concern, Multipure made sure to test and certify our products for their treatment. When microbiological purification became available for certification, Multipure developed and certified a drinking water purifier for microbiological purification. With both microplastics and forever chemicals (e.g., PFOA and PFOS) more recent concerns in drinking water, Multipure made sure to offer systems and filters (e.g., Aqualuxe or Aquaperform) that were certified for the treatment of microplastics and forever chemicals. At Multipure, we aren’t content to rely on our past successes; we continuously strive to be the best in protecting your water and your health.

Hopefully, this article helped you learn some interesting and useful facts about Multipure and our industry-leading drinking water treatment products. Multipure has worked to offer cleaner, safer, healthier water for homes and families for over 50 years, and we have been leaders in the home water filtration business throughout all those years. Everyone deserves better water, which is why we want everyone to learn more about water filtration, share their knowledge with others, and help people improve their water, health, and lives through Multipure. For Life. For You.