We’re already two months into the year, and our Road to 50 Opportunity Tour is off and running. This year is all about spreading our message of clean water and building momentum toward our historic 50th anniversary of Multipure next year!

Not a lot of companies make it to fifty years. It takes hard work, passion, and commitment. It takes a superior and enduring product. It takes the support and dedication of innumerable people. Multipure has grown and prospered over the decades because of all those traits, and that is why we are so excited to make this Road to 50 a powerful and successful prelude to next year’s celebration.

To that end, we’ve got a couple Road to 50 meetings coming up this month, and we have also posted some new guidelines to help motivated Builders request an official Multipure Opportunity Meeting in their part of the country. We want people everywhere to join in on our journey of better water, better health, and better lives, so hopefully we’ll get to host meetings in new and exciting places around the country, and get to see plenty of faces, both old and new, this year.

And speaking of excitement, our fabulous 2019 Caribbean Cruise Vacation is coming up in a few months – May 31, 2019 through June 5, 2019 – and we can’t wait to sail the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean with our exceptional Builders and guests. If you’re joining us on this vacation, make sure to check your email for upcoming important information to ensure you are properly prepared for the cruise.

So let’s get things going strong throughout 2019. Let’s talk to new people. Share our thoughts on cleaner, healthier water. Help folks earn some money. And build up toward something truly special on our Road to 50

Dedicated to Your Success,

Kenton Jones, Vice President of Marketing