One of my brother, Allen’s, favorite sayings was, “Never let a day pass without sharing your knowledge.”

I would like to encourage each and every one of you to start this new year off by sharing your knowledge about Multipure with everyone you know and meet. You will be doing them a tremendous favor that could help them live better lives with healthier water and the opportunity to earn extra income.

The simple truth is:

  1. Everyone drinks water!
  2. The United States Presidential Cancer Panel advises people to filter tap water to reduce exposure to carcinogens.
  3. The Silent Spring Institute more specifically advises people to use a carbon block filter to protect their drinking water.*
  4. An Orb Media investigative study found that 94% of the tap water in the United States contains plastic fibers.**
  5. A separate Orb Media investigative study found that 93% of bottled water contains plastic fibers.***
  6. Everyone needs an effective Drinking Water System in their home. And year after year, major consumer magazines rate Multipure as the top Drinking Water System.

So, while the long term health effects of plastic fibers in drinking water is still unknown, it is not unreasonable to assume it is most likely not good for your health. Which means, even if you are going to drink plastic bottled water, perhaps you should filter the water through a Multipure system first!

So this year, let me once again encourage you to share your knowledge about Multipure, and help people live better, healthier lives. People need clean drinking water, and people deserve the best drinking water. The opportunity to help others through Multipure is better than ever.

And, of course: Talk to People, Talk to People, Talk to People!

Have a very prosperous new year!


Alvin Rice
Co-Founder and CEO



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**Carrington, Damian. 2017. “Plastic fibres found in tap water around the world, study reveals.” Accessed January 2, 2019.

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