Membership in Multipure’s Executive Council and Founders’ Circle (EC/FC) is an acknowledgement of Builders’ exemplary dedication, passion, and belief in Multipure’s products and business opportunity. This annual achievement grants its members a host of benefits including increased commission on CASH sales, free Back Office, free Multipure webpage, and discounts on sales materials. For a complete list of benefits and EC/FC qualification criteria, please visit

Bold = Executive Council

  • Carole Allen, FL
  • Ed and Ellen Amerault, CA
  • Deanna DeLong & David Feinauer, OR
  • Tricia Fortina, CA
  • Barbara Golden, CA
  • David Green, MA
  • Joanne Kraft, OR
  • Karl Kuhn, CA
  • Ahlem Mayes, CA
  • Will and Gemma McCoy, CA
  • Laura Newton, FL
  • Optimal Health Concepts (Greg Jones), CA
  • Star Trans, NY
  • Carl Thompson and Michelle Brooks, CA
  • Up North Sales, MI
  • Tony & Sylvia Valentin, NV
  • Water2Drink, VA
  • Richard Wells, AZ