We’re almost through 2018, which means that holiday season is upon us!

As everyone should know by now, Multipure makes a great gift for the holidays, whether it’s a below-sink or countertop Drinking Water System, or a stocking-stuffer Home Essentials product. Let your loved ones know that you care with the gift of cleaner water at your sink, in your shower and bath, and in your yard.

But also let people know that Multipure is a great way to earn additional money for the holidays and beyond! All it takes is the ability to talk to people about cleaner water, and the desire to share your knowledge about great products and a terrific opportunity! And since we have a handful of Make a Difference Tour meetings through the end of the year, make sure to invite anyone you know that might be interested in better water, better health, and better lives.

And as it is November, let me take a moment to wish everyone out there – our loyal customers and our dedicated Builders – a wonderful and happy Thanksgiving. All of us at Multipure are truly thankful and blessed to share our knowledge, our products, and our business opportunity with you, and we are grateful for the hard work you all put forth to help us on this shared mission to improve people’s lives, one glass of water at a time. Thank you for your dedication, your commitment, and your passion.

Dedicated to Your Success,

Kenton Jones, Vice President of Marketing