“Drink Up!” That advice is for everyone out there. This summer has been brutally hot almost universally across the country, so it is vitally important that everyone continues to spread the word about proper hydration, about cleaner water, and about Multipure.

And when you talk to people about Multipure – whether in person, over the phone, or online – remember that you are not simply selling another product; you are offering a solution. You are solving the problem of cleaner, better water for better health. You are solving the problem of expensive disposable plastic bottled water. You are solving the problem of bulky cases of water, of driving to the store and lugging this finite amount of water back home in 100-degree heat, only to have to repeat it a week later. You are solving these problems through better water, at a more affordable price, in a more convenient location – their own kitchen sink.

So as we make our way through another scorching summer month, keep all of this in mind, and take the initiative to keep hydration and clean water in the minds of those you come into contact with. Take the initiative to ask that jogger pausing to drink their bottle of water where they get their water. Take the initiative to ask that family at the park how they keep their kids properly hydrated. Take the initiative at the store to mention to the person in the bottled water aisle that you use a better solution for clean water. Take the initiative, and then do it again by contacting other Builders you know to get together and support each other – through advice, through goal-setting, and through prospect meetings. Take the initiative, because your drive, and your knowledge, and your confidence, is your own best resource.

You are our first and strongest point of contact with new customers and new prospects. We can provide knowledge, and tools, and of course, our industry-leading products and exceptional business opportunity, but when it comes down to it, Builders are the ones who help make the biggest difference toward improving people’s water and lives.

So take the initiative, offer a solution, and Make a Difference toward better water, better health, and better lives.

Dedicated to Your Success,


Kenton Jones, Vice President of Marketing