At the end of June, Multipure released our latest product, our Aquasource whole-house chloramine filter. This filter, utilized as a set of three, can treat an entire home’s water supply for the presence of chloramine, chlorine, and particulates. And much like the chlorine Aquasource filters, the optional LSI model chloramine filter will also inhibit the formation of limescale buildup in the plumbing.

So what is chloramine, and why is this important? Well, chloramine is a chemical compound that combines chlorine and ammonia in an effort to provide a more stable, less volatile water disinfectant. Its greater stability compared to chlorine makes it less prone to the creation of often harmful disinfection byproducts. And because it does not break down as quickly in water as chlorine, less of it may be required to treat water, making it a more economically appealing choice for utilities. Because of these reasons, chloramine use has become much more widespread among municipal water supplies across the country, with as much as 45% of the American population currently served by public water supplies utilizing chloramine.

But the differences between chlorine and chloramine are not so simple. Yes, chloramine is less volatile than chlorine, but because of that it is vastly less effective at treating bacteria and other organisms in the water – as much as 1,000 times less effective than chlorine! Furthermore, if left untreated in tap water, chloramine can leach ammonia into the water, causing increased bacterial growth, more acidic water, and faster corrosion of plumbing. And even though excessive chloramine exposure can irritate the skin and respiratory system, there are as of yet few, if any, studies on the long-term effects of chloramine exposure. And because chloramine requires a specific carbon formulation for its treatment, many existing drinking water systems may not be able to properly filter chloramine.

This is why our whole-house chloramine filter is important. Chloramine usage has increased tremendously just over the last decade, and while some of its negative effects are known, so much more about chloramine exposure is still unknown. It is not enough for Multipure to provide a whole-house chlorine solution that helps only half of the populace; with a new solution that covers both chloramine and chlorine, we can provide a greater measure of safety, and a greater assurance toward the quality of the water throughout the home, for the majority of Americans.

So let your customers and fellow Builders know that they have a powerful new tool at their disposal to Make a Difference toward better water, better health, and better lives.


Dedicated to Your Success,


Kenton Jones, Vice President of Marketing