June is here, and we are halfway through 2018 and our mission to Make a Difference toward better water, better health, and better lives.

Better water. Better health. Better lives. These are the reasons that it is so important that we do the work that we do. I’ve mentioned this in the past, but I will repeat it again, because it is absolutely true in today’s world – water emergencies can happen at any time, and often without warning. Just look at what is happening in the Salem, Oregon area, where algal blooms are causing cyanotoxins to contaminate the municipal water supply. Cyanotoxin exposure is extremely harmful, and its effects can include skin rash, liver and kidney damage, and even death.

Right now Oregon is dealing with water contamination. But before that was Puerto Rico. And Flint. And Virginia. Catastrophic water contamination can occur through both man-made and natural occurrences. For far too many people, the only solution to contaminated drinking water is to buy bulky, expensive, wasteful bottles of water from the supermarket. But you know the solution to this issue. You know the more powerful, more affordable, and more sustainable choice when it comes to protecting your drinking water. You know that when disaster strikes your water supply, a Multipure Drinking Water System is your best defense.

This is how we Make a Difference: by educating people on water contamination and water filtration, and by demonstrating how Multipure can ensure the safety and quality of their drinking water. Water contamination is an issue that will only continue to grow, but luckily, you already know how you can protect yourselves, your family, and your friends with cleaner, healthier drinking water.

For whatever reason you’ve come to join our Multipure family of Builders – whether it’s for the water, or for the environment, or for the financial opportunity – never forget that at its core, our products, and our opportunity, are all about helping people and Making a Difference.

Dedicated to Your Success,


Kenton Jones, Vice President of Marketing