If there’s one message that should be remembered from our 2018 Pure Convention, it is that we can, and do, Make a Difference.

We Make a Difference for people suffering from lead-contaminated water in places like Flint, Michigan. We Make a Difference for people suffering from natural disasters in places like Puerto Rico. We Make a Difference for children, and families, and the elderly, and anyone and everyone who deserves cleaner, healthier water.

At our 2018 Pure Convention, from Thursday, April 26, through Sunday, April 29 at the Suncoast Hotel and Casino, we learned all about Making a Difference. We learned how the Pure Foundation Makes a Difference in providing clean drinking water to those in need. We learned how Multipure Makes a Difference against municipal drinking water additives like chlorine and chloramine. We learned how asking the right questions, and engaging people in the right way, can Make a Difference in your business. We learned how microbiological testing and quality control Makes a Difference toward better products. And we learned the value of learning from and connecting with each other, and enjoying the company of old and new friends. Because all of us at the 2018 Pure Convention Make a Difference in each other’s lives.

At our 2018 Pure Convention, we honored the achievements of some of our most outstanding Builders. We recognized the effort and spirit of some of our newest Builders and first-time attendees. We worked with Builder volunteers to help feed hungry children through the Three Square charity food bank. And we played together to raise thousands of dollars for the Pure Foundation through our 2018 Charity Gala and Casino Night.

At our 2018 Pure Convention, we Made a Difference. It was one of our most engaging, exciting, and enjoyable events ever, and all of us at Multipure are gratified to see how many of our Builders thoroughly enjoyed the fruits of our long months of work. After all, our Pure Conventions are all about recognizing the tremendous work our Builders do, educating them to strengthen their business, and helping them become even better Builders for tomorrow. And if that also involves dinners, dancing, excursions, games, and prizes, then even better – and just wait until you see what we have planned for our Multipure 50th anniversary Pure Convention in 2020!

From all of us at Multipure, thank you for joining us for this event, and thank you to all of our Builders for the work you do to help people obtain better water for better health. Let us continue together to Make a Difference.

Dedicated to Your Success,

Kenton Jones, Vice President of Marketing