It’s an exciting time of year, with the weather (hopefully) warming up for everyone, springtime almost upon us, and most importantly, only a month left to go until our 2018 Pure Convention!

Much like our past conventions, this year’s Pure Convention: Make a Difference, will be the biggest and most compelling event of the year. This will be the perfect opportunity to educate yourself, improve your business, and forge friendships and connections with some terrific Builders from around the country. Great speakers, interesting topics, and informative training sessions are of course the heart of Pure Convention, but the lasting impact of this convention will be to inspire and motivate you – to stoke that fire and passion inside you to Make a Difference and help others, to ignite that drive to improve your life and the lives of those around you, and to embrace the need for cleaner water and better hydration. You will experience this feeling with all the other Builders and guests there, and you’ll realize that everything we do, and all the people we touch through our products and business opportunity, truly Makes a Difference toward a better, healthier future.

Even better, the knowledge and passion you gain from Pure Convention, the friendships and connections you make at Pure Convention, and the positive effects on your mindset and your Builder Business will help you not just immediately following the convention, but throughout the rest of the year and beyond. Pure Convention is about helping dedicated Builders gain new insight and a fresh perspective on this business, so that ultimately all of our Builders can elevate themselves to new levels of success. For additional information, please check out

Finally, in other news, this is the last month for our Filter Freedom promotion! A free replacement filter is a great way to reward your customers for making the right choice with a Multipure drinking water system, so make sure that all your customers take advantage of this offer while they can. Give your customers a great start to cleaner, healthier, better water with two years of exceptional Multipure water through our Filter Freedom promotion.

Dedicated to Your Success,

Kenton Jones, Vice President of Marketing