This year, our goal as a company and for our entire family of Builders is to continue to Make a Difference, for better water, for better health, and for better lives. Our goal is to learn more, teach more, and help more, so that people everywhere can benefit from cleaner, healthier water.

And the best way for our Builders – both newcomers and veterans – to take the next step in Making a Difference, and taking their business and the business of helping people to the next level, is by joining us for our 2018 Pure Convention. From Thursday, April 26 through Sunday, April 29, we are going to teach you about both the science and the business of drinking water filtration. We are going to inspire you with words from our executives and leaders. And we are going to learn from and connect with each other, as people from across the country meet and discover all the ways they are helping to improve water and improve lives.

For our newest Builders, we want you to experience the power of our Pure Convention by making it easier than ever for you to attend. With multiple attendance tiers, you can take part in this event at your convenience. So you can join us just for the speeches and seminars, or you can experience some of the sights and sounds of Las Vegas and make it not just an empowering business conference, but an exciting vacation. It is always great when Builders experience our Pure Convention for the first time, and we hope to see as many of you as possible there! For additional information, please visit

In addition to our Pure Convention specials, we are currently in our second month of our Filter Freedom promotion, and a free replacement filter is a terrific way to ensure that your customers get the clean Multipure water they deserve for years to come. So make sure to let all your customers know to request a free filter with every purchase of a Multipure Drinking Water System.

Finally, we’re proud to announce that our Earned Vacation Contest for 2019 is a fabulous Caribbean Cruise! What better reward for a year’s worth of hard work than an exciting, relaxing, and luxurious cruise on the Caribbean? The perfect weather, crystal clear waters, beautiful sights, and myriad activities make it a choice vacation destination, and the best part about this is that you automatically earn points with every sale you make, every new Builder you register, and every rank you advance. So Make a Difference throughout 2018, and reward yourself with a free Caribbean Cruise Vacation in 2019!

Dedicated to Your Success,

Kenton Jones, Vice President of Marketing