Happy New Year!

December 7th marked Multipure’s 47th anniversary, having started on this adventure with my brother back in 1970. It still seems like only yesterday.

And even though we are now in our 48th year of business, it’s amazing to think about how far we’ve come on this journey. Back then, contaminants in tap water were just beginning to gain exposure, even though many of them had been around for decades. Consumers believed that tap water was safe to drink because the government said so. The EPA did not exist, and NSF had not yet started certifying drinking water systems. Very few people were aware of point-of-use drinking water systems, and only a small percentage of the population consumed bottled water – bottled water sold in stores was typically distilled water used in clothing irons.

Things have definitely changed since then. Consumers no longer take the safety of their tap water for granted. Where only a handful of point-of-use drinking water products were available, there are now over a thousand. Both bottled water and drinking water system sales have soared as consumers spend billions each year on drinking water alternatives to tap water. Consumers are more educated and aware of the risks of unfiltered tap water – and justifiably so, given the cautioning reports from the Presidential Cancer Panel and the Silent Spring Institute.

What this means is that the opportunity for success with Multipure is greater than ever. In 1970, the U.S. population was 205 million; today, it is over 325 million, equating to roughly 125 million households. Every one of those households could benefit from a Multipure Drinking Water System. When we started the network marketing program in 1982, everyone was new – we were had no existing successful Builders. Today, we have Builders who have earned in excess of $3,000,000 through Multipure, by sharing Multipure’s superior products and exceptional business opportunity with everyone they can.

So I want all of you – all of our passionate, motivated, extraordinary Builders – to make 2018 a huge success, by setting the goal of talking to at least one person a week about Multipure’s products and business opportunity. It’s a simple lesson: If you talk to nobody, then nothing will happen; but if you talk to people about your products and opportunity, you set yourself on the path to potentially earning millions of dollars in the future.

And I also want all of you to make 2018 a huge success by attending Multipure’s Pure Convention in Las Vegas, April 26th through 29th. Our 2018 Pure Convention: Make a Difference, is designed to educate, motivate, and inspire you. It will allow you to meet our executives and leaders, learn from successful Builders, and discover how you can earn millions of dollars by sharing your knowledge with others. We want to help you realize the success that you want and deserve, here in our home city and the entertainment capital of the world, Las Vegas. So join us for this tremendous event, and if you’d like more information, contact our Marketing Team at 800.622.9206.

Remember, everyone drinks water – people always have, and people always will. Given a choice, people would prefer to drink healthier water, free from chemicals and contaminants. Nowadays, there are many choices for filtered water, but you can help people make the right choice by sharing your knowledge and your Multipure story.

Wishing you a healthy and prosperous 2018.


Alvin Rice