Dear Multipure Builders,

As all of us at Multipure enter this Holiday Season, we have much to be grateful for. But for many, this has been a difficult year – a year of lost lives and lost property, a year of floods, hurricanes, fires, tornados, and tragedy.

Here in Las Vegas, the recent mass shooting reminded us of the value of each day, and I would like to thank all of those who contacted our office concerned about our staff and families. While we were fortunate that none of our staff were present at that tragic scene, many of us know someone who – either directly or through friends or family – experienced the horrific events of that evening. But despite the tragedy and the remaining mystery of the killer’s motives, our city has come together in shared mourning for the loss of so many innocent lives. Our city has come together in shared celebration of the survivors and those who helped to protect and care for the victims. Our city has become #VegasStrong.

Around the rest of the country, natural disasters have ravaged the homes and lives of millions of people, including many of our own Multipure Builders. Puerto Rico was especially devastated, but fortunately, through the assistance of our Builders in Puerto Rico, Multipure’s Pure Foundation, and the Boys and Girls Clubs of Puerto Rico, we were able to send a team of employees with custom built water treatment systems to help provide safer, cleaner drinking water to hundreds of people. The people of Puerto Rico demonstrated amazing spirit and resilience in the wake of the hurricane’s terrible destruction, and we will continue to help them by sending an additional team to provide more drinking water systems and assistance to as many Puerto Ricans as we can.

So when I say we have much to be grateful for, it is because we must be grateful for our good fortune, our health, and our wellbeing. We must appreciate and value every day. We must cherish our friends and relatives. And we must strive to use our strength and our abilities to help others who have been less fortunate this year. Together, we will work toward a better tomorrow.

I offer my sincerest gratitude for your continued commitment and contributions to Multipure, and I hope you have a safe and happy Holiday Season.


Alvin Rice