Linda Mayer, 66, died Saturday, October 21, 2017, following her struggle against cancer.

She is survived by her two children and eight grandchildren, her mother and stepfather, three sisters, one brother, and her many friends and coworkers.

Born September 6, 1951 in Vermont, Linda moved to Las Vegas, Nevada in 2003 to join her parents and relocate to a warmer climate. It was in Las Vegas that she joined Multipure as the front desk receptionist, where her uncanny ability to remember every face, name, and voice she came across combined with her natural friendliness to make Linda a beloved fixture of Multipure headquarters.

As the “Voice of Multipure,” Linda was the first point of contact for most people at Multipure, and her warmth and good cheer was apparent to every person who called or visited the office. Her naturally gregarious nature allowed her in even a few moments of conversation with customers and Builders to learn something about their work or home life, making them feel welcomed and comfortable. To that end, Linda was well known for keeping several stashes of sweets on hand at the reception desk to treat both employees and visitors, and even went so far as to set specific candies aside for those with a particular fondness for them.

It is in these actions that Linda’s hospitality and her heart are remembered. To coworkers, she was that first, friendly face to greet in the morning. To Builders, she was that warm yet professional colleague who helped direct them to whomever they needed to speak. To customers, she was most often the first voice they heard upon calling, always there to help facilitate their purchases or help alleviate their issues. To all of us who knew her, she was a friend. Linda Mayer will be dearly missed.