Dear Multipure Builders,

When you become a Multipure Builder, you gain a great many benefits, the first of which is personal financial benefit. But you also gain the benefit of improving people’s health through cleaner, better water. You gain the benefit of improving the environment by reducing plastic bottle waste. And you gain the benefit of improving people’s financial outlook by sharing the Multipure Business Opportunity with them.

While you can measure the financial benefit you receive by the number of dollars you earn, it is harder to measure the value of the other benefits gained. How do you measure the value of people living longer, healthier lives by drinking cleaner water? How do you measure the value of a cleaner environment? How do you measure the value of people enjoying financial security? You cannot put a simple dollar value on these kinds of benefits. In essence, these benefits are intangible and priceless.

I believe the value of this kind of benefit is best demonstrated by the bonds and relationships developed with other Builders. The value is in the joy and pleasure you get from working together with like-minded people to help folks get better water and live better lives. I can think of no better example of this than the recent Earned Vacation trip to Cabo San Lucas.

Since 1984, Multipure has rewarded our hardworking Builders with vacations in places like Hawaii or Mexico, or cruises to Alaska or the Caribbean, because we like to reward our Builders for sharing our dream of helping people live better lives. We like to Make a Difference in the lives of our Builders, and show our appreciation for all that they have done to help make Multipure successful.

I have had the pleasure and the privilege to attend, if not all, then certainly most of these vacation contest trips. At these vacation spots, Builders are pampered and treated to company-paid excursions like swimming with dolphins, snorkeling, golf outings, horseback riding, and spa treatments. Builders are treated to special entertainment and terrific meals throughout their vacation. But even with all of the exciting events and special arrangements and beautiful locales, what Builders tell me they enjoy the most is the comradery and companionship of their fellow Builders. After a day’s worth of excitement and fun in the sun, Builders get to relax, enjoy each other’s company, and share their experiences, their thoughts, and their ideas. This is how lifelong friendships are formed.

Some of our Builders at Cabo have been enjoying these vacations for over 30 years. This is a regular event for them, a celebration of their accomplishments with Multipure. For some at Cabo, this was not only a celebration, but a recognition – on this trip, we recognized two particular Builder Businesses who recently joined the Million Dollar Club for generating personal sales of over one million dollars! And yet, for some Builders, this was a brand new experience, and a chance to take advantage and learn from the shared stories and lessons of success from their more experienced colleagues. It is through these many hours of fellowship, and sharing new ideas and adventures, that our Earned Vacations become truly priceless.

So I would advise all of our Builders not to miss out on this experience, and to start preparing today for our next Earned Vacation contest. I would love for all of you to be a part of this priceless experience.

Congratulations to all of our exceptional Builders who joined us for our Mexican Getaway, and I look forward to seeing you at our next vacation.


Alvin Rice