The History of Multipure, Part 2

Last month, I told you about the earliest days of this company, and how our first major obstacle was finding a new supply of high quality filters after our filter supplier went out of business.

This was especially important for us, because we did not want to use just another filter, or to make just another filter – we wanted to make the BEST filter. We did not want to create customers that believed in better drinking water and believed in a better way than bottled water, only to see them switch to another filter because something better came along. We wanted loyal repeat customers, because the replacement filter business creates the financial security that we wanted to develop. Having the BEST filter allows that. So, since we couldn’t find a company to supply us with the BEST filter, we started manufacturing our own, our “Multipure” filter. And having the BEST filter has been a core principle of our company ever since.

Let me tell you, as this industry has grown, there have been many companies – big and small – that have manufactured and sold water filters. But most of these companies focus on making an inexpensive filter instead of making a good filter. Maybe they think it’s enough to just say they have a water filter, and it doesn’t really matter how effective it is. But that doesn’t work for us. “Good enough” has never been our style, and it never will be.

Part of wanting to have the BEST filter means proving that we have the BEST filter. At first, we had our filters independently tested at private laboratories to prove their performance. But when NSF began their drinking water filter testing and certification program, we were one of the first companies to have NSF certify our product performance. Since we began NSF certification of our product, Multipure has always been certified to remove more chemical contaminants than any other filter on the market. Even as NSF continues to add new drinking water filter standards, Multipure continues to be certified for the removal of more contaminants than any other carbon block filter listed.

Our certified performance has not gone unnoticed. Multipure has consistently been rated as the top drinking water system and filter to purchase by several consumer review publications. Take a look at a recently released consumer product review magazine to see that Multipure is once again ranked #1. You can proudly represent a product that has proven to be the BEST for over 45 years.

I know that as a company, we will continue to make every effort to provide a filter that is the BEST. We know you work hard to get each and every new customer, and we want to make sure you keep that customer for the rest of their lives. Together, we will make sure that each and every customer receives the best possible water for their families. Together, we will make sure that you are rewarded for the replacement filter sales that they purchase. Together, we will Make a Difference in the lives of people everywhere.

This is how we built this company. We saw a need for better, more convenient water, and we filled that need for customers. We created a base of loyal customers through a superior quality product, and we retained and grew that base by creating not just good filters, but the BEST filters.


Alvin Rice