The History of Multipure, Part 1

My brother and I entered the water filtration industry in 1970, primarily because of bottled water. At that time, we were both using bottled water that was delivered as five-gallon glass jugs, and the inconvenience of it quickly became obvious – it was heavy, it was bulky, and it had to be replaced every five gallons.

Around this time, Allen was introduced to a water filter that was easy to use and much more convenient than bottled water – it was small, it didn’t have to be changed as often, and it worked with your existing plumbing. Based on this, we decided that everyone relying on inconvenient bottled water should instead replace it with an in-home water filter.

The filter that we started out using and selling was the best available at that time, but selling a water filter in 1970 was much different than it is today. For bottled water users, we had to convince them that a water filter could provide water that was as good, if not better than, bottled water; and for those folks not using bottled water, we had to convince them that drinking filtered water was better than drinking tap water. And even though there were not very many other water filters available at that time, we still had to work hard to get each and every customer. We succeeded because we were always able to show that the filter that we offered was the best choice. Naturally, after working so hard to get each customer, we did not want to lose any customers to competitors.

Well, the company that we were buying our filters from had been in business since the late 1940s, but shortly after we started our business, the filter company owner decided to sell his company and retire. The new owner of that company was from Europe, and because they were not very familiar with American business, they ended up closing the company after a short time. My brother and I now had to find a new supplier, or go out of business ourselves.

The problem with a new supplier was finding one that offered the same quality product as the one we had been using – which, to this point, was the best available. But when we were unable to find a high quality filter supplier, we had a choice to make: use a filter that wasn’t as good as what we had been using, or make one ourselves. This would be a turning point for our company.

To find out what we did next, make sure to read next month’s Source of Success where I’ll continue the history of Multipure.

Thanks for your continued support and confidence.


Alvin Rice