How important is healthy drinking water to you? What is your priority?

What is more important? Extra cable TV channels, or healthy drinking water? This year’s newer model cell phone, or healthy drinking water? Another television set, or healthy drinking water? More STUFF, or healthy drinking water?

Everyone has STUFF in their home – too much STUFF – and this STUFF builds up and builds up, because people keep getting more STUFF, week after week, from purchases, from holidays, and from gifts. But how important is this STUFF, really? How important is this STUFF that we have stored in our closets or our garage or our desk and cabinets? How important is this STUFF compared to having cleaner, safer, healthier drinking water right in your kitchen?

A couple of months ago, I received a very nice theater-style popcorn maker as a gift. This was a nice gift – I like popcorn – and days after receiving this very nice popcorn maker, I used it to make a big bowl of popcorn while watching one of my favorite TV shows. When I was finished, I placed this very nice popcorn maker in a cabinet, and I have not used this very nice popcorn maker since. However, during this time that I have not used this very nice popcorn maker, I have on multiple occasions – on a daily basis, really – gone to my kitchen and filled my glass with delicious, clean, healthy drinking water from my Multipure Drinking Water System. This is what I value the most. This is why I’m asking you to think about what is important.

Take a moment and look around your house. Look at all the STUFF that you have. Look at all the STUFF that you rarely use, or maybe don’t even use at all. Compare all of that to your Multipure system, which you probably use on a daily basis. Compare the value you receive from all of your STUFF to the value you receive from your Multipure Drinking Water System.

Everyone that you know will eventually need some kind of drinking water system in their home. You can help them make the right choice when the time comes for them to enjoy a better quality of water. You can help them skip buying more STUFF and instead choose the right drinking water system. You can help them Make a Difference in the quality of their lives.

People’s number one priority should be good health, because without good health you will not be able to enjoy all that other STUFF!

Better water means better health, so helping others get the right drinking water system in their home – a Multipure Drinking Water System – should be a very high priority.

As a Multipure Distributor, you can Make a Difference, and remember – the more people you talk to, the more people you are helping to Make a Difference.



Alvin Rice