2017 Executive Council and Founders’ Circle

Membership in Multipure’s Executive Council and Founders’ Circle is an acknowledgement of Distributors’ exemplary dedication, passion, and belief in Multipure’s products and business opportunity.

Bold = Executive Council     Italics = First-time Founders’ Circle

  • Carole Allen, FL
  • Ed and Ellen Amerault, CA
  • Scott Atkins, CA
  • Bob Corrie, IA
  • Deanna DeLong and David Feinauer, OR
  • Tricia Fortina, CA
  • Barbara Golden, CA
  • David Green, MA
  • Karen Green, SD
  • Heather Kollar (H2O Cleanse), NY
  • Joanne Kraft, OR
  • Karl Kuhn, CA
  • Ahlem Mayes, CA
  • Laura Newton, MA
  • Optimal Health Concepts, CA
  • Morgan and Theresa Shuster, CO
  • Carl Thompson and Michelle Brooks, FL
  • Brenda Toyloy (Tap Water Doctor), NJ
  • Tony and Sylvia Valentin, NV
  • Up North Sales, MI
  • Water2Drink, VA
  • Richard Wells, AZ
  • Patti Wilson, FL
  • William Yu, NV