Dear Folks at Multipure-

 I am certain that you well know the importance of the work that you do and the products that you make, but I thought that I’d share our family’s experience with your product and how grateful that we are for what you do.

 Almost three years ago, we renovated our 100 year old home’s kitchen. As we live in the northeast with its aging plumbing infrastructure we wanted to purchase a better water filtration system that [sic] our countertop pitcher.  As a physician that has cared for children with lead toxicity, I had been following the water quality reports that our local water company in Pittsburgh had been submitting.  I was disturbed to find that the lead levels in recent years had been creeping up to just under the Action Limit of 15 ppb of lead. With two young children in the home, we purchased your Multipure MP750SI and had it plumbed into a separate tap.

 Fast forward to a few months ago, when we noted that Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority (PWSA) was offering free lead testing.  I thought that we would just be a data point for them, and so I requested testing.

 We were shocked to get the results: 32ppb lead from our main kitchen faucet. PWSA requested a repeat sample which verified this elevated number.  We then requested testing from our filtered kitchen faucet (which has the MP750SI plumbed in) and were grateful to hear the result of ZERO from your Multipure MP750SI.

 Perhaps none of this is surprising to you, but I cannot tell you the immense relief that I felt getting this result back and, most importantly, the results of my daughters’ blood lead levels of zero. I still think of myself as a scientist at heart and so I wanted to share this one case report with you, again, not because I think you will be surprised at the details, but because the work that you do and the products that you make have made a big difference in our family.  I don’t know that my kids’ lead levels would have been elevated had we not purchased your filtration system, but I fear that they might have been.  And when it comes to your own children, that is enough for me.

Thank you for making a wonderful product that does exactly as stated.

Warm regards,



Thank you so much for this kind email! We genuinely appreciate hearing stories like this from our customers. It is baffling that in 2016 we’re still finding widespread cases of toxic levels of lead in our tap water. Many of the staff here at Multipure are parents (or grandparents, uncles, aunts, etc.), so we share in your relief that our children have this level of protection.