From Thursday, April 14 through Sunday, April 17, Multipure’s 2016 Las Vegas Adventure and Pure Convention offered a mix of entertainment, invigoration, and insight. Vacationers received a taste of the town on Thursday evening, dining on the Las Vegas Strip and experiencing the glitz of the splashy Vegas! The Show. Friday offered a tour of the beautiful surroundings of Las Vegas, as guests enjoyed an invigorating hike through the stark beauty of the Valley of Fire or a relaxing cruise on the blue waters of Lake Mead.

But for many of our dedicated Distributors, Saturday was the focus of the trip, filled with powerful information about the business and technology of water filtration. Multipure President Zachary Rice offered his State of the Industry address, examining current events in water contamination and Multipure’s place in the future. Executive Vice President Jennifer Rice provided updates on the Pure Foundation and announced plans to directly assist the Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Flint, Michigan. And special guest speaker Dr. Kelly Reynolds gave an invaluable course on the science and technology of water contamination, water filtration, and water purification.

Like past Pure Conventions, 2016’s event was part business training, part celebration, and part family reunion. It was a reflection of Multipure’s values, Multipure’s vision of better water for better health, and Multipure’s vast esteem for entire family of Distributors. Multipure is grateful for all those who joined in this incredible event, and we look forward to seeing faces both familiar and new in events to come.

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