Each year, Multipure recognizes a select group of Distributors for their exceptional achievements in the areas of sales and network building. We recognize the following Distributors as our 2016 National Award winners for their performance throughout 2015 in their listed categories. Congratulations to each of these super achievers!


Distributors of the Year
For exceptional success in all areas of their business: sales, recruiting and network building.

Tony and Sylvia Valentin, NV
Referred to fondly as “Mr. and Mrs. Multipure”, Executive National Network Directors Tony and Sylvia Valentin were among the first of all of Multipure’s Distributors and the recipients of countless awards over the years. As mentors to scores of Multipure entrepreneurs over their 34 years of Distributorship, Tony and Sylvia have consistently led by example and set a high bar for others to reach. Their accomplishment in becoming the first Distributors to personally sell 1,000 Drinking Water Systems earned them lasting recognition by Multipure, who named the achievement The Valentin Award. They topped this accomplishment in 2014 by reaching 2,000 personal Drinking Water System sales and becoming the only recipients of Multipure’s Millennium Award. Tony and Sylvia epitomize successful Distributorship, and their love and dedication to Multipure continues to burn brightly.


Network Builders of the Year
For growing their network and helping their Distributors reach higher levels of success.

Deanna DeLong and David Feinauer, OR
Executive National Network Directors Deanna DeLong and David Feinauer have amassed an impressive number of awards and acclaims over their 20-year history of Distributorship, and are regular National Award winners. Deanna and David attribute their success to the mantra of “serve, serve, and serve,” and find that freely offering their help and assistance to Distributors returns back in positive and sometimes unexpected ways. Deanna and David keep energized and motivated by improving people’s lives through their “Drink Water for Life” campaign; whether providing cleaner water or offering an opportunity for entrepreneurship and success, they find that helping others is simply too enjoyable to ever consider slowing down.


Sales Person of the Year
For attaining the highest overall personal sales in 2015.

Greg Jones – Optimal Health Concepts, CA
Greg Jones is a veteran Distributor of over 19 years, having initially gained interest in the business of drinking water while working in a restaurant. Realizing the amount of money people spend on bottled water, he researched and determined that Multipure offered the best products and best opportunity in the drinking water industry. As a successful Network Director, he feels that the most important qualities for Distributors are to know your products, talk to everyone about the importance of water and what they use for their water, and to follow up with customers and ask for referrals. He is empowered by the satisfaction experienced by new Multipure customers – knowing that satisfied Multipure customers spread the word – and believes in the importance of educating people on the importance of drinking enough water.


Rising Star Award
For building a thriving Multipure business and for excelling throughout 2015 as new Distributors.

Carl and Michele Thompson, FL
Carl and Michele Thompson are Distributors of just over two years, but in that short time frame have impressed with their rapid growth and dedication to helping others obtain cleaner water. They are excited to be a part of the Multipure family and look forward to contributing to the health of others with a focus on water. Carl draws on a professional background in marketing, while Michele has a background in finance and accounting. Carl and Michele are active in philanthropy, supporting Western Wishes, a non-profit foundation that grants wishes to ill children and teens who lead a western lifestyle; they also are active supporters of orphaned children in India.


Spirit Award
For epitomizing the Multipure philosophy by sharing their knowledge and experience, displaying a positive attitude, and demonstrating the willingness and ability to mentor others.

David Green, MA
David Green is a National Network Director and Distributor of over 30 years who takes great satisfaction in knowing that every day he helps thousands of families drink healthier water. A longtime resident of Massachusetts, he first encountered Multipure at a health fair, where his desire for a simple and effective solution to clean water beyond the hassle of bottled water drove him toward Multipure’s products and business opportunity. For David, successful Distributors must believe in the products and company, spread the word on Multipure’s benefits to everyone they can, and be persistent and consistent in their efforts. And even after decades of Distributorship, he remains motivated and energized with each new product sale or Distributor registration, and suggests meetings and conferences as a great way to overcome feelings of isolation and stagnation that can occur when you work for yourself. He feels grateful to Multipure for the freedom and flexibility it has afforded his work life, and makes sure to keep in regular contact with his network of Distributors and his customer base.


Spirit Award
For epitomizing the Multipure philosophy by sharing their knowledge and experience, displaying a positive attitude, and demonstrating the willingness and ability to mentor others.

Santos Cruz, NV
A Master Builder from Las Vegas, Santos Cruz was originally attracted to Multipure due to the high quality products and great customer service. He became a Distributor when he realized the business potential of cleaner drinking water, and has built his business based on the principles of honesty, respect, and trust. He believes that when you tell the world about the healthiest drinking water, anyone with common since will recognize the benefits of Multipure water and discover a better financial future through Multipure Distributorship.