From October, 2015 through the end of the year, all new Distributor Registrations will be FREE at our Water Evolution Tour meetings!* All you have to do is attend a meeting and purchase a Drinking Water System!

Free Registration includes:

  1. Registration as a Multipure Independent Distributor.
  2. One each of the following items:
    1. Drinking Water Systems Brochure
    2. Opportunity Brochure
    3. Aqualuxe Brochure
    4. Order Form
    5. Installment Payment Form
    6. Distributor Application
  3. Link to download the Distributor Manual for free.
  4. 60-day Free Trial to the Back Office.

In addition, any products purchased at the meeting – with the exception of the Aquasource Whole House System – will include FREE shipping if it is not available there. And if a new Distributor wants to purchase a Starter Kit Tools set, they can do so at a discounted price of $29.95 – a $20 savings!

For additional information, please visit