A day without water; difficult to imagine isn’t it? The many daily routines we take for granted, like making your morning coffee, taking a shower, cleaning your kitchen, even flushing the toilet, all depend on a sufficient water supply and reliable water service.

A day without water would be devastating to our local businesses and economy.  The public health would be immediately at risk without efficient wastewater treatment, and the natural environment would suffer.

When you have easy access to clean, fresh water these simple acts are largely done without much thought. We are very fortunate to live in North America where a community rarely goes without water, so it’s easy to forget about our most precious resource.  But with aging water infrastructures and natural disasters like regional flooding, the risk of a day without water is very real.

The American Water Works Association released an article that reports the collective cost of repairing or replacing the drinking water pipes alone to be $1 trillion over 25 years.  Of course there is bureaucratic red-tape to get through, and funding to be voted on, so the time frame could be even longer.

With the prospect of timely repairs dwindling, what can we do to minimize the risks of water contamination? Use a solid carbon block filter that serves as a strong barrier against contaminants of health concern, particularly lead and mercury that could seep into the water supply because of aging pipes.  Multipure offers a range of filters designed to fit your particular water concern, even working as an emergency filter when needed.

Choose a Multipure Drinking Water System so you never have to experience a day without water.