Spirit Award:  Ahlem Mayes

One of Multipure’s most passionate and driven Distributors, Ahlem Mayes has achieved numerous rank advancements and awards within just a few short years. Since beginning his Distributorship in 2011, Ahlem has reached the rank of Master Builder, earned membership to the prestigious Founders’ Circle, received Multipure’s Spirit Award, and most recently was elected to Multipure’s Presidential Advisory Committee. Ahlem is proud to sell products that not only benefit people in their daily lives, but also benefit pets, plants, and crops. As a Distributor, he believes in developing a team of motivated entrepreneurs to help them pursue their dreams and improve the quality of life for their families, friends, and communities.

Spirit Award: Will and Gemma McCoy

Two of Multipure’s longest-tenured Distributors, Will and Gemma McCoy have been helping people attain better water and better lives for over three decades. For the McCoys, Multipure’s appeal lies in the ability to help others while having the freedom to develop their business in their own way. They enjoy leading by example, and in cultivating friendships while helping people create their own success. The McCoys stress the importance of responsibility, persistence, and positivity in business, as well as the importance of simply enjoying what you do.