Network Builders of the Year: Tony and Sylvia Valentin

Referred to fondly as “Mr. and Mrs. Multipure”, Tony and Sylvia Valentin were among the first of all of Multipure’s Distributors. With over 33 years as Multipure Distributors, Tony and Sylvia have consistently led by example and set a high bar for others to reach. They leverage their experience to mentor both new and established Multipure Distributors, and their tireless efforts have been regularly recognized and rewarded by Multipure. Their accomplishment in becoming the first Distributors to personally sell 1,000 Drinking Water Systems earned them lasting recognition through the eponymous Multipure Valentin Award.

Originally hailing from San Diego, California, Tony and Sylvia’s love of Distributorship and dedication to Multipure played a part in their move to Las Vegas, Nevada – home to Multipure Corporate Headquarters.