Distributors of the Year: Deanna DeLong and David Feinauer

Multipure’s 2014-2015 Distributors of the Year are Deanna DeLong and David Feinauer, veteran Distributors whose dedication and service have garnered them numerous awards and acclaims over their 20 years of business.

Deanna and David’s journey with Multipure began in 1994, when Deanna discovered twice the allowable level of lead in their tap water. Understanding that a simple filtration pitcher would not be adequate to the task, Deanna spent several months researching solutions to better water before discovering that Multipure offered the best drinking water contaminant reduction available.

Deanna and David attribute their success to their strong work ethic and their mantra of “serve, serve, and serve”; by freely offering their help and assistance to Distributors, they find that their actions return back in positive and sometimes unexpected ways. Firm believers in the power of positive thinking, they overcome adversity by avoiding discouragement and by engaging their creativity to find a solution.

Deanna and David maintain their energy and motivation by improving people’s lives through their “Drink Water for Life” campaign; whether providing cleaner water or offering an opportunity for entrepreneurship and success, they find that helping others is simply too enjoyable to ever consider slowing down.

Multipure praises their passion for helping others, their commitment to their business, and their dedication to improving people’s water and health. With this award, Multipure acknowledges Deanna DeLong and David Feinauer as Multipure Independent Distributors of the highest caliber.