Announced at the 2014 Pure Convention, the Aquaversa Pink is a special edition of the countertop Aquaversa commissioned by Multipure’s Pure Foundation. This stainless steel system sports a bright pink housing and a custom black angled acrylic base, and $100 of each sale is donated to the Susan G. Komen organization for breast cancer research.

The Aquaversa Pink is especially relevant because a 2014 study by the Silent Spring Institute links exposure to specific chemical groups – such as disinfection byproducts in water – and the development of breast cancer.* Among their recommendations to reduce exposure to these carcinogens is to use a solid carbon block filter for drinking water.** The Aquaversa Pink can not only reduce exposure to breast cancer carcinogens, but also help fund the continuing fight against breast cancer!

The Aquaversa Pink sells for $449.95.