For three remarkable days in October 2014, Distributors from around the country gathered at Multipure’s 2014 Pure Convention: H2O Now! to recognize outstanding Distributor Leaders, gain insightful knowledge and motivational training, and experience the launch of Multipure’s latest new products.

The 2014 Pure Convention’s highly-anticipated product launches began with the announcement of Multipure’s Aquaversa Pink Susan G. Komen Drinking Water System, whose sales automatically contribute toward breast cancer research, and Multipure’s Aquabrite Drinking Water Systems, whose bright colors and customizable faces help introduce children to the principles of better water for better health, and whose sales automatically contribute to Multipure’s Pure Foundation.

While those two Pure Foundation-inspired products met wide acclaim, the highlight for many of the attendees was the launch of Multipure’s Aqualuxe Drinking Water System, featuring cutting edge water filtration and a host of new technological innovations designed to maintain Multipure’s position at the forefront of the water treatment industry. Touted as “The Ultimate Water Machine”, the Aqualuxe was introduced in an Advance Convention Evaluation (ACE) Edition to allow Pure Convention attendees the opportunity to provide hands-on testing and feedback before its general release in early 2015.

In addition to exciting new products, the 2014 Pure Convention also featured highly informative speakers, including NSF International representative, Stefan Buck, and Multipure’s Vice President of Technical Services, Dr. Andrew Fenwick. Both Buck and Fenwick discussed new NSF contaminant classifications and testing standards, and related these criteria to Multipure’s Aqualuxe Drinking Water System.

Multipure’s 2014 Pure Convention was about much more than just information and education, as Multipure also spent time celebrating, recognizing, and rewarding its most passionate and dedicated Distributors. During dinner banquet festivities, Multipure announced its 2014 Pure Awards to recognize outstanding Distributor leaders, as well as the winners of its 2014 Film the Difference Contest.

Multipure’s 2014 Pure Convention: H2O Now! touted the tagline, “Motivation. Innovation. Recognition.” Judging by the excited, energized, and inspired Distributor attendees, that tagline appears to be an apt description of the event.

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