This summer, Multipure challenges you to Film the Difference of better water for better health and better lives. Multipure challenges you to show off your creativity, your drive, and your knowledge. Multipure challenges you to devote one week of your time to create a set of five video entries for the chance to win ten thousand dollars.

Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Devote 1 day to plan and script your 5 videos. Ideally, aim for 1-2 pages of script per video.
  2. Devote 1 hour each day to film your 5 videos. If you spend 1 hour per video, this would take 5 days for the full set of 5 videos.
  3. Devote 1 day to edit and submit your 5 videos. The time spent editing is up to you, but submitting the videos takes minutes.

Here’s how we can help:

  1. Check the full Film the Difference Contest details at
  2. Read our guide on preparing, filming, and submitting your video entries for the Film the Difference Contest at
  3. Watch our video tutorials for the Film the Difference Contest at
  4. Submit your Film the Difference Contest entries at

Multipure is offering some of our biggest prizes ever through our Film the Difference Contest, and we will be showcasing and rewarding your videos this fall at our 2014 Pure Convention: H2O Now! So devote one week to create five videos, and earn your chance to win ten thousand dollars!