We would like to announce some important and exciting updates to your Multipure Marketing Team.

First, let us congratulate Kenton Jones on his official confirmation as Multipure’s Vice President of Marketing! Kenton served as the Interim Vice President of Marketing from the beginning of 2014, and cemented his promotion through his dynamic leadership, years of experience at Multipure, and expertise in both the marketing and technical aspects of the business. Kenton plans to strengthen and build upon the energy, creativity, and teamwork at the core of Multipure’s Marketing Team.

Multipure also welcomes the newest addition to our Multipure Marketing Team, Sherry Clift! Sherry joins us as Multipure’s new Director of Distributor Relations, where her experience as a Marketing Director in the casino industry will serve her well as our liaison between Multipure HQ and all of our Distributors out in the field. Sherry couples her exceptional business and marketing background with positive energy and a passion for healthy living – a lifestyle promoted in part through the consumption of cleaner, healthful, Multipure water.

Please offer congratulations and a warm welcome to Kenton and Sherry as they work to further benefit Multipure and all of our Distributors.