1. Multipure Distributors may not use any third-party fulfillment service, freight/shipping forwarder, or warehouse/distribution service, including, but not limited to, Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), ProLog Fulfillment, or any other similar service.
  2. Multipure products can only be shipped directly to end-users/customers for personal use, and/or directly to Distributors for: a) personal use, or b) inventory purposes.
  3. Multipure Distributors found in violation of this policy will be subject to punitive measures, including, but not limited to, immediate termination of their Distributorship and forfeiture of all Distributor rights and commissions from the date of termination.
  4. By continuing as a Multipure Distributor, you agree to this policy update and waive any rights to: a) dismiss, circumvent, or contest the terms and limitations of this policy, and b) contest any punitive measures that may result as a violation of this policy.

EXAMPLE: Distributor John Doe uses a third-party fulfillment service located within the United States to process overseas customers’ product orders and ship from there. Because Multipure does not allow international orders or shipping, John Doe uses this third-party service to create domestic orders and circumvent Multipure official policy, letting the third-party service ship the products overseas. By using this third-party fulfillment service, John Doe may be subject to immediate termination of his Distributorship or other punitive actions by Multipure.

What this means for Distributors: Distributors can no longer use third-party fulfillment services.