Multipure’s PAC is a group of distinguished Distributor Leaders, voted into position by Multipure’s roster of Executive Council and Founders’ Circle Distributors. This five-person committee meets periodically with Multipure President Zachary Rice, Executive Vice President Jennifer Rice, and the Marketing Team to discuss current and upcoming developments and changes. Through their feedback and interaction, Multipure’s Executives and the PAC strengthen the relationship between Multipure HQ and Multipure’s family of Distributors. Through their combined efforts, Multipure hopes to provide the best programs and benefits to Distributors of all levels.

Voting for Multipure’s Presidential Advisory Committee (PAC) completed in July, and we proudly present your new PAC for 2013-2014:

  • Ed Amerault, National Network Director

Ed AmeraultA part of the Multipure family of Distributors for over 29 years, Ed Amerault is one of Multipure’s most distinguished and respected Distributors. He is one of the first Executive Council and Founders’ Circle members, as well as a Network Builder of the Year, Recruiter of the Year, Salesperson of the Year, and a multiple-winner of Multipure’s Distributor of the Year Award. His strong engineering background and years of field experience afford him exceptional technical insight into the science of water filtration and drinking water systems – expertise that he will doubtlessly bring to the PAC.




  • Deanna DeLong, National Network Director

 Deanna DeLongA Multipure Distributor for more than 20 years, Deanna DeLong is known for her dedication and commitment to the training of her network of Distributors. She demonstrates consistency and excellence as a Distributor, winning a Multipure National Award each year for the past 13 years. Her service to her customers and Distributors is apparent in the hundreds of drinking water systems she personally installs and the extraordinary efforts she makes to include special needs Distributors and customers in her network. Deanna DeLong brings her abilities as a writer, trainer, and consensus builder to the PAC.




  • Karl Kuhn, Master Builder

Karl KuhnA Multipure Distributor since October 2010, Karl Kuhn is one of Multipure’s fastest rising stars, achieving both Master Builder rank and Founders’ Circle status in less than three years. Within this time, he has earned recognition through Multipure’s Rising Star, Pure Commitment, and Network Builder of the Year Awards. As the owner and operator of his own retail water store, Karl Kuhn is well-versed in the business of water filtration and the importance of cleaner, better water. He brings his experience and belief in the business to the PAC, where he hopes to ensure that everyone has a voice, everyone counts, and that people always come first.




  • Brenda Toyloy, Master Builder

Brenda ToyloyA Multipure Distributor since July 2012, Brenda Toyloy is Multipure’s 2013 Rookie of the Year, recognized as one of the newest and most dynamic members of Multipure’s family of Distributors. A fervent environmentalist, Brenda Toyloy tirelessly campaigns to improve water conditions and the environment, educating the public about water contamination, working to preserve community water sources, and representing the community’s environmental concerns before elected officials. Multipure is sure to benefit from the passion and energy Brenday Toyloy brings to the PAC.




  • Tony Valentin, Executive National Network Director

Tony ValentinMultipure’s first Distributor, Tony “Mr. Multipure” Valentin is the elder statesman, mentor, and stalwart supporter to countless Multipure Distributors and customers. Still very much active after over 31 years of Distributorship, Tony Valentin is the most recognized and distinguished Distributor in the company, having achieved almost every award available, including multiple Distributor of the Year Awards, Distributor of the Decade, Lifetime Achievement, Inspiration, Recruiter of the Year, Network Builder of the Year, Salesperson of the Year, Stream of the Year, and Pioneer Spirit Awards. He is also the recipient of the President’s Award and the Valentin Award – named after his original achievement milestone in personal sales. Tony Valentin brings invaluable experience, tireless commitment, and undimmed passion for this company and this business to the PAC.

The first meeting with the new PAC was held on August 26-27, 2013.