This month, voting to determine Multipure’s next Presidential Advisory Committee (PAC) takes place, determining who will fill the seats of this influential and prestigious five-person committee.

Multipure’s PAC is a group of distinguished Distributor Leaders, voted into position by Multipure’s roster of Executive Council and Founders’ Circle Distributors. This five-person committee meets periodically with Multipure President Zachary Rice to discuss current and upcoming developments and changes. Through their feedback and interaction, Multipure’s Executives and the PAC strengthen the relationship between Multipure HQ and Multipure’s family of Distributors. Through their combined efforts, Multipure hopes to provide the best programs and benefits to Distributors of all levels.

Although any Active Distributors could submit their candidacy to the PAC in June, only the members of the EC/FC vote on the next PAC membership in July. The results of the vote and the announcement of the 2013 PAC will occur at the end of July.