The business card: that simple piece of cardboard featuring your name, phone number, and email address. For many, business cards are given and received automatically, almost as an afterthought. Sometimes they earn a second look. Oftentimes, they get set aside and forgotten. For many people, a business card is the lasting impression received from a salesperson, professional, or other contact. Because of this, it is important to make sure your business card is not simply a slip of contact information, but something that can stand out and provide a snapshot of you and your business – something that encourages additional contact. Check out the following article for some creative tips to make your business card work for you.

8 Ways to Make Your Business Cards Stand Out

…Richard Moross–CEO of, which sells stylish printed products–sees business cards as more than scraps of paper. “When we meet people at a conference, in a business setting or in a bar, it’s important we make a good impression, that we convey who we are, what we do and why that might be relevant,” Moross said in an e-mail exchange. “We want to stand out, and nothing has yet matched the power and simplicity of handing over a well-designed card–it starts a conversation…”