As Multipure builds excitement and momentum in 2013, we look back on 2012 to recognize the achievements of our exceptional Distributors from the past year, marking them as Multipure’s latest National Awards Winners.

Multipure’s National Awards Winners are recognized for their achievements in sales, network growth, and the embodiment of the values and spirit of Multipure. For their efforts, each award winner receives a handsome commemorative statuette and a special cash bonus!

2013 Distributors of the Year

  • National Network Directors Deanna DeLong and David Feinauer, Oregon

2013 Sales Team of the Year

  • Network Directors Ron New and Brian Browning, Virginia

2013 Network Builder of the Year

  • Master Builder Karl Kuhn, California

2013 Rookie of the Year

  • Senior Builder Brenda Toyloy, New Jersey

2013 Spirit Award

  • Executive National Network Directors Will and Gemma McCoy, California

Multipure offers congratulations to each and every one of these special achievers! We value your superlative efforts, and thank you for your exceptional performance during the 2012 year.